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SHAWNEE VALLEY'S Pooh Bear- Boxer Pup

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Once upon a time... Isn't that how all fairy tales start? 
Well then, Once upon a time in May of 2006 I had gone to our veterinarian's  office to take our special little snow white male, Pilot for his monthly blood work.   While they had him in the back working on him.  A nice lady was sitting in the lobby with a huge comforter.   I had to ask what she had in that big old blanket.    And to my surprise it was a tiny little 7 oz brown puppy.   
What is it?  I asked. 


"It's a Boxer pup.  She is the only one that survived out of a litter of 8 puppys and her mother has now refused to feed her.  The owners of the mother will not try and save her and it was breaking my heart so I begged them to give her to me.  But I do not know a thing about raising a puppy this small.  That is why I am here at the vet's office so that they can show me what to do."  She blurted out in a rush.


Well I heard this voice inside my head saying " IF this lady leaves this office this puppy will die."
And I heard my voice, my real voice saying "I have a mommy at home with milk and I know she will take this puppy."  I didn't bother to tell her that my mommy dog was a shih tzu mommy. 
She handed me that puppy so fast and left.    I ran outside to get her phone number, "what if she lives don't you want me to call you."  So I headed home with this tiny little brown pup.
She was filthy, covered in flea poop so bad I had to scrap her and I wormed her and fed her Pedialyte because I wanted her system clean before I put her in with my mommy dog.
I knew - was resonably sure, that my mommy dog, Babikins would take this pup in with her three babies.  I had had such good luck with my girls raising other pups in the past.   But always shih tzu.   Sometimes from other breeders.  Maybe a mother died or got sick or was disabled and my girls would just take the puppies in and raise them.  No big deal.  But we had not tried another breed before.  I knew Babikins was one of my best mommies so after washing this pup and cleaning her system for 24 hours I introduced her to Baby.  I said "Baby, I have a puppy that needs you."  She just rolled over and threw her legs open wide, like ROOM FOR ONE MORE MOM! 


Well here we were with a two week old female purebred boxer that was extremely stressed, underweight and smalllllll.  7 oz.   She should have been around 4.5 pounds at this age.  I will not tell you that it was easy but Babikins made it easier.   She took care of this puppy like it had been born to her.  Lots of people told us she would not live.  :)
We named her Pooh Bear.  She looked just like that little brown bear in the book when she laid on her back.    After she was weaned we placed her in with another little fellow we had that we were giving special attention to at the time.  Buster Butter Bean.   It seems odd now to look back at these photos and see them together at that size.  Buster didn't grow but OH MY...did Pooh grow and grow and grow.


Pooh is a beautiful young lady now.  At 1.5 years of age she is 33 lbs.  She will never be a full grown boxer (normal weight is 65 -90 lbs for a female) So we have a miniature boxer!!! Big deal we have Imperial shih tzu too.  She is a handful and on most days you can hear MOMMY shouting thru the house
"NO POOH -NO POOH- NO POOH"  until I wish I had named her something else.  A boxer is definitely different than a shih tzu.   But we love her none the less.   :)
See the little white fellow lying behind her on the floor.  That is PILOT, the little guy the specialist told us would not live to be a year old.  He will be 2 years old in December.  We have worked and worked on getting his seizures stopped.  And he has been seizure free for over a year.   He had to take 2 seizure medications twice a day but it is worth it.  He has been off all
off his medications since March of 2007He is mentally retarded and we have had to make special arrangements for him.  Such as railings on the porch so he didn't fall off and etc.
We purchased him from a kennel out in Kansas.  We had every intention of using him as a stud, but it was not to be.  We are just grateful that he is alive and seizure free.   Pooh and Pilot are best buds!!!  But we would place Pilot IF the right
family came along..  See our Free Dogs page...........


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